Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland is inspired by the traditions of Lappish and Russian cultures. Our producers’ never ending respect towards nature and food heritage drives their passion to create something truly unforgettable.

Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland consists of about 20 local companies that are proud to introduce this extraordinary way of experiencing Lappish nature to local and international travelers. These companies include Wild Food producers, experience services, accommodation services, restaurants and retailers.

Organic forest production


Wild Food is an essential part of Finnish food tradition and culture. It’s simple but delicious and it suits perfectly to traditional and modern dishes. Wild Food from Kuusamo Lapland is produced from natural ingredients with straightforward methods. It’s always locally produced and grown free in the wild.

Wild Food is…

  • Hand-picked berries, mushrooms and herbs
  • Locally produced root vegetables
  • Fish from fresh water creeks and lakes
  • Reindeer and elk grown free in our forests
  • Traditional dairy products like famous Finnish sqeaky cheese


The smartest fish in Lapland

The lake Kitkajärvi has long been an important source of Wild Food. This fresh water lake is home to a wise little vendace, locally known as Kitkan Viisas (The Sage of Lake Kitkajärvi). The story goes that during the days of the Russian Revolution, people from Kuusamo area moved to Russia to take part in building the socialist ideal state. This vendace was smart enough not to go, even if it could have swum the eastbound rivers across the border. Hence the little fellow was named The Sage of Lake Kitkajärvi.

Antlered wanderers in the woods

People in Kuusamo area have farmed reindeer for their livelihood for ages. This magnificent creature can only be seen in Northern parts of Finland. Reindeer live freely in our nature and they can be seen in herds of up to 500 individuals. Did you know that they have 4 stomachs?

Reindeer’s meat is proven to be very healthy by some recent studies and it is absolutely delicious. One of the most traditional Finnish dishes is sautéd reindeer, which is on the menus of most of the  WFKL’s restaurants. You should also try dried reindeer meat, which can be found from the shelves of WFKL’s retailers.

Did you know that world’s most famous reindeer is Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer, the loyal helper of Santa Claus!

Camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, foraging… free for everyone!

One great way to experience Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland is to go camping in the woods of Kuusamo with family and friends: pick some berries, swim in a lake, enjoy Wild Food around a campfire and sleep under the Midnight Sun. There’s a section in Finnish legislation called “The Everyman’s Right” that gives everyone the right to do all this free of charge! Just remember to respect nature, other people and private property.

To check the full list of Everyman’s rights and responsibilities, click here: http://www.nationalparks.fi/hikinginfinland/rightsandregulations

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