Ruka Safaris

Ruka Safaris serves you unforgettable experiences where one big part of the adventure and experience is wild food.

When you accommodate with us you will be enjoying meals with the pure and local wild food ingredients from near by. In summer and in autumn the berry picking places are just around your accommodations. You can book a guide from us to take you to the best berry places.

You can also just enjoy our Lappish wild food buffet in our Iisakki Village. Buffet full of local fish, mushrooms, berries and reindeer.

During the nice adventures we offer with snowmobiles, husky dogs, reindeer or snowhoes you can also enjoy wild food lunch or snacks by the fire. One of our specialities are our fishing trips where you will prepare your own catch by the fire!

Rukarinteentie 1,
93825 Rukatunturi

tel. +358 8 8521610

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