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Rukapalvelu  - Tailored Adventures & Natural Wellbeing.

Rukapalvelu offers Wild Food in the wilderness of Kuusamo. Fresh fish from local lakes as well as reindeer from the forests have always been an important part of the local diet and today we make them available to you in many delicious forms. Our wilderness chefs turn wild food into delicious dishes - the catch of the day fresh on your plate, served together with game, berries and mushrooms from the wilds.

Join us in Kuusamo and experience the peaceful power of the Arctic wilderness. We offer natural adventures that will awaken your senses and bring you into contact with the elements - and your own nature! With us, you can ride wild river waters, race across pure Arctic snow and enjoy the heat of genuine Finnish sauna.

We have readymade weekly programmes for individual clients. For groups we tailor an offer to assure that the package includes everything necessary. Our wilderness lodges offer the perfect setting for stagging the most exotic get-togethers and events. We offer thrills to match in both summer and winter.